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Mike Tyson vs. Buster Douglas was a historic boxing match in which then undefeated, undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson lost via knockout to the 42–1 underdog Buster Douglas. I personally love this kind of inspirational underdog stories. I couldn’t leave this one without a video.

In the time leading up to the fight, Douglas faced a number of setbacks, including the death of his mother, 23 days before the fight and and he had contracted the flu on the day before the fight.’

In the 8th round Tyson landed a big right uppercut that sent Douglas to the floor. No one thought he would get up but after 9 seconds just before the bell ending the round, he get back up on his feet.

Then in the 10th round Buster Dougles done something that no one has ever done in the history of Mike Tyson’s career… he knocks Mike Tyson out.


Resiliency – Motivational Video


At the end of the fight they asked Buster Douglas, how in the world did you beat Mike Tyson? He said: “Because I promised my mom before she died that I was gonna beat him”.


“The secret is not giving up. Most people who have accomplished great things in this world didn’t have that deep meaning to their quest, but they had that resiliency. They had the ability to bounce back, whether that means you were counted out from making the high school basket ball team, fired from a job, lost a love one, or failed 9,999 times before finding that one time that it all came together.” –  Eric Thomas

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  1. KotsosMar says:

    Hello! I am a 15year-old from Greece. Your videos always inspire me! My dream is to become the best boxer that ever existed. Hope i’ll make it! Thx for your videos! Especially this one, made me feel more sure that i can do it! Great editing! Keep up the good work!

  2. mlv prasad says:

    never give up.!
    like ur work.!

  3. me says:

    Plz make one about study and something…

  4. jordan says:

    great videos!!!

  5. Robert says:

    Is there anyway to download Themis so I can listen to it while I work out. If it’s possible please tell me

  6. Robert says:

    I’m starting workout again to lose weight and this would definitely help me on my journey the words that are spoke through your videos hit at home. If it’s possible to download them and listen to it constantly please let me know

  7. Omid(hope) naderi says:

    How wonderful you are Mateus … I saw a clip in a cellphone that started with( I don’t know what dream that you have…) It was magic. It was wonderful…It was amazing…It had a big affect on my soul… your selective part of movies and musics are great…. I’ve heard your videos thousand times man.
    Thank you . thank you again …keep going . world needs you …

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