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This time I’ve decided to switch things up. I don’t like making videos in the same way. Even if I reach less views or not everybody will like it. I was trying to create something more inspirational than motivational. Inspired by movie Intouchables and Les Brown speech about ‘but’.

I was trying to awake people. A lot of us, (also me in the past) are living in comfort zone, never pursuit our dreams. If we want to grow we have to move out of our comfort zone.


A lot of things we want do
a lot of places we would like to go,
a lot of things we would like to experience
and we just stop at ‘but’.
‘But’ will cause you to hide out behind fear.
‘But’ will cause you to come out with all type of excuses
that you can validate your in action
and not acting on your dream.
‘But’ is a dream killer.


AWAKENING – Motivational Video


“Never be afraid to try something new, because life gets boring when you stay within the limits of what you already know.”


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2 Responses to Awakening

  1. Mariane says:

    Probable the first youtube video that reached me so much. It was the spark that made me listen to all of your video and I was blown away. Today I still listen to them a few times a week. They jnspire me and keep me going while doing a doctorate degree.

  2. Ruth Maule says:

    Love this so so much ! Thanks :)

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