6 Rules of Success by Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Discover the 6 rules of how to be successful by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Which were crucial for his achievement in bodybuilding, Hollywood, politics, and every challenge along the way.

People ask me all the time, they say to me, “What is the secret to success? How did a non-native speaker become a world champion bodybuilder, an action star, and the governor of the great state of California?” The answer is simple: I obeyed these six rules, and I succeeded. I believed I could accomplish my goals and I fought to prove wrong anyone who told me I couldn’t.


1. Trust Yourself 

You’ve got to have a vision of what you—not your mother or father—want to do. I mean by that is, so many young people are getting so much advice from their parents and from their teachers and from everyone. But what is most important is that you have to dig deep down and ask yourselves, who do you want to be? Not what, but who.

I recognized very quickly that inside my head and heart were a burning desire to be a world champion in bodybuilding. I didn’t want to just be a bodybuilding champion, I wanted to be the best bodybuilder of all time. I had total trust and confidence in that decision and I went after it. Have trust in yourself, craft your own vision, and go after it. Once you have a strong enough vision, you can work like hell to achieve it. So rule number one is, of course, trust yourself, no matter how and what anyone else thinks.


2. Break the rules 

We have so many rules in life about everything. I say break the rules. Not the law, but break the rules. It is impossible to be a maverick or a true original if you’re too well behaved and don’t want to break the rules. You have to think outside the box. That’s what I believe. After all, what is the point of being on this earth if all you want to do is be liked by everyone and avoid trouble?

After I was finished with my bodybuilding career I wanted to get into acting and I wanted to be a star in films. Everyone had the same line, that it can’t be done. The rules said that actors with accents could not be leading men. I broke that rule. I didn’t care if no one in history had ever done it. I took English classes, took speech classes, dialogue classes. Accent removal classes I even took. I worked hard, and I became a leading man.



3. Don’t be afraid to fail 

Anything I’ve ever attempted, I was always willing to fail. You can’t always win, but don’t afraid of making decisions. You can’t be paralyzed by fear of failure or you will never push yourself. You keep pushing because you believe in yourself and in your vision and you know that it is the right thing to do, and success will come. So don’t be afraid to fail.


4. Don’t listen to the naysayers 

How many times have you heard that you can’t do this and you can’t do that and it’s never been done before? I hear this all the time. As a matter of fact, I love it when someone says that no one has ever done this before, because then when I do it that means that I’m the first one that has done it. So pay no attention to the people that say it can’t be done.

If I had listened to these people, I would still be in Austria, up in the Alps, yodeling. When I was 15 years old and told people I wanted to be a champion bodybuilder, right away they told me it wouldn’t happen. “It’s impossible,” they said. “It’s an American sport. In Austria, you can be a ski, cycling, or maybe track and field champion, but you cannot be a bodybuilding champion.”


You know something? I didn’t listen to them. I moved to America. I became a bodybuilding champion. The rest is history. And that brings me to rule number five, which is the most important rule of all:


5. Work your butt off 

You never want to fail because you didn’t work hard enough. I never wanted to lose a competition or lose an election because I didn’t work hard enough. I always believed leaving no stone unturned. You have 24 hours in a day. Sleep six hours, and you have 18 hours left and there are a lot of things you can accomplish. Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.

It is important to have fun in life, of course. But when you’re out there partying, horsing around, someone out there at the same time is working hard. Someone is getting smarter and someone is winning. Just remember that. Now, if you want to coast through life, don’t pay attention to any of those rules. But if you want to win, there is absolutely no way around hard, hard work.


6. Give something back

We have to help people. There are millions of children who need help, who come from families that don’t have enough money or don’t read well. Help them learn to read! Encourage people to exercise! Join an organization where you can give a kid a hug, hang a medal around their neck and say, “You’re a winner! We believe in you. We love you. We care for you.”

Whatever path that you take in your lives, you must always find time to give something back, something back to your community, give something back to your state or to your country. Reaching out and helping people will bring you more satisfaction than anything else you have ever done.

Inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger Commencement Speech.
Photo credit: LeStudio1 – 2016 / CC BY-SAThomas Hawk / CC BY-SAEva Rinaldi / CC BY-SA


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5 Responses to 6 Rules of Success by Arnold Schwarzenegger

  1. When I first watched your video ”Dream”, I thought this are non sense picked movie clips… But what keep me make this worth sharing is… I have a Big Dream in Life and I got a Bunch of deteriorating chances of succession of it through my life status..educational attainment..lack of determination..and mindless bullshit about my definition of “MYSELF”..
    As the video clip goes on..what keep me touching are the words spoken–and the message it want to portray!
    I said, Wow!!! tears Dropping out of my eyes!!!!! My heart beat was pounding!!!!

    As I continue to watch the other videos… I did some realization about myself relating to what those videos were telling to be who am I must be.. tears fall down continually as i remember my lifeline from where I was before,, from my childhood until adulthood…

    What Now!? It keep me Motivated in LIFE thank you man!

    Do great things for GOOD!
    I Salute! YOU!!!

  2. Caleb Foster says:

    I love the work that you guys do here on this website. Like Arnold I come form a small place, that no one has ever heard of, not out of the U.S though. Many people have tried to tell me that my goals are impossible, and I don’t take that shit. Everyone’s goals are possible, but you have to put the work in to get there. No one was ever handed a hundred dollar bill just because, that’s bull shit. You have to earn it, you have to work hard in life to get the things you want. I was taught this whenever I was younger by my mother. I grew up with a single mom, my brother and I. @taytayfos follow him on Instagram if you wish. He and I always were knuckle heads. But we looked out for each other. We were the brothers that everyone wished they were. It wasn’t because we had the money, we were dirt poor. It was because we looked out for each other and we realized that if we ever wanted to go anywhere in life we would have to work hard for it. So that’s exactly what we did. He’s 19 and I’m 18 we’ve been bodybuilding for a few years together. He has another few years on me. We push each other to our limits. everyone asks me, how do I get as big as you are or how do I get shredded like you bro? I tell them all the same thing. If you want it bad enough, it will find its way. You have to put in the hours, you can’t lay around the couch all day and expect to be thin. No, no one ever woke up muscular. you have to put your heart, mind and soul into it. You’ve got to give it your all. You can’t just give up either. I don’t care what your goals are, whether it be that masters degree, or squatting that 600 lbs or sprinting that 300m run in less than 40 seconds, or hitting that home run. Whatever your goals are, you have to decide in your head that you want it bad. You have to want it more than anything else. “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.” – Eric Thomas. I’m sure you won’t read any of this, I just figured I’d share a comment. Thank you,
    Caleb Foster

  3. Umang Pokar says:

    Your way of motivating is different.

  4. Madhushree Kulkarni says:

    You are brilliant!

    I absolutely love your work.
    I have watched all your videos a hundred times. Thank you for being awesome and spreading your awesomeness. :)

    P. S. How old are you? Your work is really professional but you seem very young.

  5. Madhushree Kulkarni says:

    You are brilliant!

    I absolutely love your work.
    I have watched all your videos a hundred times. Thank you for being awesome and spreading your awesomeness. :)

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